We offer legal advice to our clients and accompany them in all stages, from visioning to performing their business; we provide in-depth analysis and assessment of the advantages, disadvantages, risks, and costs associated thereto. The service is materialized through the preparation of legal opinions and contracts, assistance in negotiations. and arrangement of due diligences.
1. Preparation of legal opinions.
2. Analysis, revision, and preparation of contracts.
3. Corporate takeover projects.
4. Corporate Due Diligence.
5. Regulatory updates.
6. Response to injunctions.
7. Processing of distinctive signs.



Tax consulting

​AMBER CONSULTORES S.A.S - Asesorías Jurídica - Tributaria
The tax consulting service allows clients to avoid risks related to cost overruns, penalties, and criminal consequences. Our tax lawyers advise on how to prevent fiscal risks, reduce errors in the fulfillment of tax obligations, and distribute resources efficiently. This, by structuring the pertinent legal figures that allow greater fiscal efficiency, tax planning, and the explanation and update of tax law (DIAN [Colombian tax authority] laws, regulations, jurisprudence, and opinions).

1. Preparation of opinions.
2. Tax planning.
3. Structuring of legal figures to maximize fiscal efficiency.
4. Attendance to meetings to give support in tax planning matters.